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These terms and conditions are offered by Australian Travel Consolidation Pty Ltd in its capacity as Principal to all its Agents.

Australian Travel Consolidation (hereinafter referred to as “ATC”) will not be liable for any loss sustained by a Travel Agent due to (but not limited to) any corruption of data, technical errors, unauthorized access to personal data, and/or inaccuracies in relation ATC Tickets and/or robotic ticketing system. ATC will not be liable to any organization or a third party sustaining any damages including but not limited to damages for negligence, loss of profits/revenue, etc whatsoever. The availability of our online ticketing robotics (ATC Tickets) is subject to changes at any time without prior notice. The Travel Agents should apply their own professional judgement in regards to the accuracy and/or completeness of any information or content available at ATC Tickets. ATC will not be liable for any loss, liability or any costs incurred by a Travel Agent in connection with the ticketing transaction/s or missed ticketing time lines due to system outages. System outages can occur due to reasons outside the control of ATC.

Upon signing the contract with ATC, the travel agent will be taken to have accepted ATC’s terms and conditions and this would create a contractual relationship between ATC and its agents where ATC is acting in a Principal capacity

The Travel Agents are required to pay Australian Travel Consolidation (ATC) on the due dates mentioned on ATC invoices and Invoice Statements. ATC reserves the right to take legal action against the travel agent not paying by the due date. All legal costs and incidentals incurred by ATC to recover its debts shall be borne by the respective travel agent in default.
If any amount received by ATC from the Travel Agent is avoided by law then such payment shall not be deemed to have discharged the liability of the Travel Agent, and the Travel Agent and ATC shall be restored to a position in which they would have been had no such payment been made.

The Travel Agent unconditionally and irrevocably guarantee to ATC the due and punctual payment by the Agent of the monies due as and when it becomes due and payable to ATC.

If the Travel Agent does not pay ATC any of the indebtedness when due or any other event of Default occurs which entitles ATC to enforce any security, or to accelerate payment of all or part of the indebtedness, then the travel agent must pay the amount of the indebtedness to ATC on demand.

ATC reserves the right to fix the Prices/ Fee/ Commissions of its online products and services including ATC Ticketing. These prices/ fee/ commissions may fluctuate from time to time without prior notice. It is the travel agent’s responsibility to check all prices/ fee/ commissions and information relating to same before purchasing any of our products or services. Some of the fees, overseas airport taxes, government taxes or any other compulsory charges may not be included in the prices/fees quoted in relation to our online products or services or our robotic ticketing system. The travel agent is responsible for paying all of these additional items.

Any Agency Debit Memo (ADM) issued by the airline and/or IATA will be borne by the respective Travel Agent who may have caused that ADM to be issued.

The Travel Agents shall not disclose their dealings with Australian Travel Consolidation, ATC Tickets, member’s login area using ATC website, commissions given/offered to the travel agents, etc to any third party.

• All other terms and conditions as per the “Contract” signed between the Principal (ATC) and its Agents.
• All other terms and conditions as per the “Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity” signed by the Guarantor/s on
behalf of the Agent for the Principal (ATC).